The Uncharted PS4 game is finally official

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Uncharted (9)

It’s been a rumour, a myth and a maybe from Sony and developer Naughty Dog about the Uncharted series getting a new entry into the franchise. Well rumour no more, because an official new game is on the way.

At the Playstation All Access launch event last night, Naughty Dog confirmed that work had begun on a new treasure-hunting game, with the following trailer where someone has their revenge goggles set to maximum ominous voice-over.

And that’s all that Jessica Fletcher wrote, regarding details. Whether it’s a direct sequel, prequel or reboot, I have no idea. But personally, I’m going with the rule of three in the gaming industry, and putting my cash down that it’ll be a prequel.

According to Naughty Dog, there are some clues in the trailer. So here, examine these screenshots that I took and see if you can find any.

Uncharted (1)Uncharted (2)Uncharted (3)Uncharted (4)Uncharted (5)Uncharted (6)Uncharted (7)Uncharted (8)

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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