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The Week in Review 14 May 2007

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It’s time again for the top 5 stories of the last week and what a week it has been…. What with the spring dashboard update, the petition for Xbox live in SA and the large Crackdown update….

Thanks again to Amatomu.com for it’s stats that help me put this list together in 2 seconds…

4. PS3 Review by Scotty
So this review is still riding high after 2 weeks, down from number 1 last week but still in the top 5

4. Here comes more CrackdownTied for 4th spot is the information about the new Crackdown update….

3. Xbox 360 could beat PS3 in folding
Edging out the previous 2 by just one hit is the story about [email protected], obviously people want to see folding on the Xbox 360. Check for a new story about this later today.

2. Xbox Live South Africa – Petition
I am very happy to see this has been receiving a lot of hits, it’s a very improtant issue for the gaming community of South Africa and if you have not signed the petition yet then head on over now and do so… Currently there are 782 signatures…

And the number 1 story for the past week

1.  Microsoft nails the cheaters – Spring Update
I am glad to see Microsoft putting effort into keeping their online service as fair and fun as possible…

So that’s it for this week, here is hoping for an interesting week.

Last Updated: May 14, 2007

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