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The Wii-U is selling by the bucketload

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Earlier this week I posted my feelings on rAge which were misinterpreted, or written badly. I loved rAge this year, the amount of games and code was incredible and nearly everyone really pushed to make it the best ever. I was just trying to point out how it can be even bigger and better.

The reason I bring this up is because my kids absolutely fell in love with the Wii-U at rAge and it was possibly the most popular stand at the entire event.

While hardcore gamers have been mocking the idea of the Wii-U ever since it was announced it appears the mainstream market is falling over themselves to get their hands on it.

According to a report on VG247 the stock has become so limited that people are already paying over $750 to get their hands on one to make sure their kids aren’t disappointed this christmas.

This is fantastic news for Nintendo who’s profits have fallen of a cliff this year as support for the Wii dried up after Microsoft and Sony both entered the motion controller market.

So were you at rAge this year and did you get hands on time with the Wii-U? Has it changed your initial impressions?

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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