The Wii Vitality Sensor – Not so new.

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One of the most ludicrous announcements to come from E3 was Nintendo’s new vitality sensor, which Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced without actually telling us what plans for the device were. Seems that digging in to Nintendo’s back catalogue reveal that both the idea – and the device itself – aren’t exactly new.

Nintendo actually released a bio-sensor with the Nintendo 64 version of Tetris 64. The Japan-only device clipped on to the player’s earlobe, and increased or decreased the frequency of Tetromino drops according to one’s heart rate. After the Nintendo 64’s lifespan how many games had support for the device? Yup, just the one.

While the initial announcement of the vitality sensor may not have left you very excited, knowing how it could affect gameplay must have all of you quite giddy now though, right? Right?


Ok, go about your business.

Source : Wired

Last Updated: June 9, 2009

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