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The Video Game Awards took place this past weekend and there were some cool reveals. I was impressed by the new trailer for the Witcher 3, not just for the gorgeous gameplay and visuals, but because of the incredible new announcement.

Without any delay, here is the trailer:

And because no one should be deprived of viewing it, here’s another version for those without YouTube access.

So, why does it matter so much? Well, during The Game Awards, it was announced that people could continue to play as Geralt, but that there would be another option, too. Another playable character, one who is apparently teased in the trailer. Who could it be? As I see it, there are three options.

First up, we might enter into the role of Yennefer. She is shown in the trailer while the voice over explains that only she and Geralt really understand what’s coming, really know what’s going on. Perhaps that puts her at the same level as our favourite Witcher, making her an option as a playable character.

Also shown is Ciri, the blond haired woman who is described as having Elder Blood in her veins. For those who know the lore, she is the child of destiny, one who Geralt sort of raised as his own and taught to be a Witcher, too. However, she has very important lineage as well. Perhaps she will be our second playable character, although as the target for the Wild Hunt, I’m not sure that it will be helpful for the storytelling if we see the world from her perspective.

Finally, there is an unknown man fighting back to back with Geralt in the final scene. I can’t make out any of his features, but he appears to be another Witcher, or at least follow similar fighting techniques. This could be our playable character option…

Are you actually keen to play as a different character in The Witcher 3? I love being Geralt, taking on his perspective and powers. However, Yennefer is also an incredibly strong character and I’d love to play as her, too. The rest… I’m not so sure. While Ciri is an incredible character in the lore, it just might be tricky depending on how they fit her in. And of course if it’s just the opportunity to play as a random other guy, I’d always pick Geralt.

What stood out for you in the trailer? Were you still impressed by the visuals, or is it looking a bit average to you after seeing all the other new generation game trailers? Are you all aboard the hype train for the title?

Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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