The Witcher devs think the Xbox pre-played games lock is “a bad thing”

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Earlier this week, a developer for Volition ranted about how the rumoured pre-played games lock in the next generation Xbox was a fantastic idea. It’s not.

CD Projekt, the guys behind The Witcher have once again spoken sense, saying it "can be a bad thing."

CD Projekt believes it’s better to nurture a relationship with players – including pirates -  instead of restrict them at every turn.

"It can be a bad thing," CD Projekt’s MD Adam Badowski told Eurogamer. "We are losing money not because of pirates; we are losing money because people decided not to buy our game," he added."We should invest more power to upgrade and polish our products and convince players to keep our products, to be with us, to understand our needs – because we are an independent developer, we have to prevent lay-offs, we need to grow up and have the power to create new games,” he said before adding "Most hardcore and hardware solutions will be OK for short periods, but a strong relationship with players, with customers, can change the situation. And for us, this is a better way."

CD Projekt Red’s Micha? Platkow-Gilewski agrees – and thinks the lock-out, akin to draconian DRM, would only hurt that player relationship.

"We want to do as much as possible for our players, our gamers. We don’t want to force anyone. It’s like we did with DRM-free: we give them freedom and we believe they will stay with us."

The Witcher 2 – one of my favourite games from last year – is hitting the Xbox on April 17 this year. Get it.

Last Updated: February 8, 2012

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