The World’s Coolest Cellphone Accessory

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In my travels in Asia, if there’s on thing I’ve noticed (Other than an unnatural reverence for noodles) is that cellphone accessories, straps in particular are very popular, almost bordering on being de rigueur. I’ve always considered them to be superfluous and tacky, but my mind’s been changed. If you’re a Street Fighter fan – and I am – you’ll likely agree. These are the single coolest bits of useless gadgetry, and I must have them.

StrapyaNext, a Japanese phone strap retailer has started accepting pre-orders for Street Fighter IV themed cellphone toys – available in Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim and Chun Li flavours – but these aren’t any old key trinkets. Shaped like mini-arcade controllers these absolutely pointless but highly desirable baubles actually work, playing voice clips according to the input command.

For example, input down-to-forward and punch, and the Ryu and Ken versions will play “HADOUKEN!” Unfortunately these will be produced in very limited quantities and be available ONLY in Japan, but I’ll make up for that by randomly shouting “SHOURYUKEN!” at passers-by when I’m bored in shopping malls.

Movelist for each accessory included after the jump which will be useful to you, provided you own one and can read Japanese.


Last Updated: August 12, 2009

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