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The Xbox 360 Fanboy guide to the PS3

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So our known Xbox 360 fanboy, doobiwan, has been kind enough to give us a 10 point guide to the PS3 from a Xbox 360 fanboy’s point of view.

We will try and get a PS3 guide to the 360 up and going as well but for now check out the top 10 points below.

1. What is a PS3
The latest version of the George Foreman Grill

2. PS1&2 were game consoles why would this one be different
PS3 has no affiliation or compatibility with PS2, Any similarity is mere coincidence.

3. Seriously though, what games can you play on the PS3
Well the killer app so far is a co-op user generated penis construction game. It’s cute, but so are venomous sea urchins.

4. So what else can it do.
It can play movies off optical disc

5. So can my DVD player, my PVR, my car stereo and my fridge, so what?
It’s better quality

6. What, like does it make Spiderman 3 suck less? Can it make Meryl Streep look hot? Can it edit out Pauly Shore?
No it’s just more pixels.

7. So what does all that cost?
R5k for the complete Blu-Ray console experience

8. Everything?
Well… then there’s R800 for the real controller … and R150 for HD cables … R200 for the remote control .. oh and exclusive games are now over R800 …

9. Console Prices usually come down over time when is the PS3 getting a price cut?
It’s not. It’s got too many fiddly bits and is still running at a loss after 2 years on the market.

10. Apparently it’s worth it because it’ll have a 10 year life span
Technically polony has a life expectancy of over 10 years as well, the question is whether you really want to risk finding out …


My personal is the sea urchin comment but do you think there are some points that have been left out?

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[Thanks Ewie for the tip]

Last Updated: November 10, 2008

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