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The Xbox 360 Is A Broken Console

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Tomorrow I will be faxing through my forms to MI Digital to have my broken Xbox 360 replaced. While you always hear about the RROD, the Xbox 360 still seems to have quite a lot of other issues that go fairly unnoticed.

When I get a swapped out console back from MI Digital I won’t be on my second, or third, or even fourth console. That’s right folks, I will be on my fifth Xbox 360 since purchase.

So what is so amazing about that? I mean, besides the obvious.

A lot of people have gone through 360’s because it is a well known fact that the Xbox 360’s design team didn’t deserve their Christmas bonuses (or salaries for that matter).

Here’s the thing, I have never had a Red Ring of Death. Yup, not one, yet I am still averaging a ludicrous average of around 2 consoles swaps per year. The reasons for the swaps for each console have been the following:

1. All games were freezing (lasted about a year)
2. Faulty/Broken eject button (straight out of the box)
3. Console only reads game discs after roughly 5 – 10 attempts (After about a year)
4. Refuses to read game discs most of the time, gives disc read errors randomly and also freezes in most games after roughly 30 – 60 mins of play. (Newer Model with HDMI, only lasted 6 months.)

So that is four console replacements without a Red Ring of Death. The major issues that I have had of late are all related to the disc drive. The console would either recognise game discs as video DVD’s or it would just ignore the disc altogether, usually making some really strange ticking and mechanical noises in it’s attempt to read the discs.

It starts off slow at first, with only a few problems reading a disc but then gets progressively worse until the point where it takes 10 – 15 minutes of constantly opening and closing the disc tray in order to get a game to boot up. I find that it is not too long after these disc issues that the console starts with it’s freezing issues, so it is possible that they are directly related to issues with streaming information off of the discs.

It is absolutely insane to think that this console is so riddled with issues. The sad thing is that when I realised that I was about to run into more issues right before I go away on vacation to our family holiday home, I actually went out and bought an Xbox 360 Arcade just so that I could keep playing if I had to send my Pro model in ( You may think I am nuts but I’m not the only one to do it ), meaning that Microsoft actually benefited from this whole fiasco.

As much as I like my Xbox 360, I am really starting to crack. What good are amazing games, multimedia features and online communities when the console that runs them all is about as stable as a one legged man after 2 bottles of Vodka.

Last Updated: January 6, 2009

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