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The Xbox One controller will last forever…

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…Well, in gaming terms of forever at least. We’ve spoken before about how we kind of dig the Xbox One controller, one of the few aspects of the console that Microsoft has gotten right so far. I’d gladly keep a controller like that around. Especially when it has the lifespan of a decade of hard gaming.

Speaking to PocketLint, Microsoft accessories and hardware manager Bob Brown explained how the controller was being tested and tweaked to survive ten years of sweaty hands and inevitable impulse bataranging during particularly frustrating games.

That includes setting the controllers up in special rigs that push buttons constantly. "Each button gets pressed over and over, between 4-5 times a second," Brown said. According to Microsoft, that’s a lifespan of at least 7-10 years, if not longer.

Right now, the current Xbox One controller can handle over 3 million thumb slams, with each push of a button being monitored to see that activity does occur. As for the rest of the controller, the analogue sticks are also being tested for durability. That’s the one issue I had with the current Xbox 360 controllers.

That rubber wears off after a year or two of gaming, and while you can by covers to add some extra grip to the sticks, a harder plastic would have been a better solution in the first place.

After seven years, my original controller bit the dust two months ago. I decided to give it a Viking funeral, which you can see in our upcoming review of the Razer Sabretooth controller. But here’s a sneak peek.

Yeah, this happened

How about you though? Do you still have your original controller?

Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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