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The Xbox One hard drive is only 362Gb

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Ever since we were told that you will be forced to install your entire Xbox One games onto the hard drive the discussion of how quickly this drive will full up has been raised. People have defended the Xbox One saying it will take a very long time to fill up 500Gb

However according to an IGN test done recently the drive doesn’t actually have 500Gb available HDD at all and the real space is quite a bit smaller at 362Gb.

So what did it take to complete fill up the Xbox One Hard drive?

  • 20 Games, ranging in size from 1.3Gb (Peggle 2) to 50Gb (COD: Ghosts)
  • 25 apps, most under 50Mb

That’s not a lot. Granted for the average gamer who grabs a new game a month the Xbox One should be fine for around 18 months which is long enough, but for the hard core gamers this is barely going to last 3 months before you need to start deleting installs.

And that’s before we get games like The Division which are surely going to hit close to 60Gb by itself and all the DLC packs that Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are going to get.

Microsoft has promised to allow external hard drives soon so start saving for that monster 3Tb USB 3 drive so that uninstalls aren’t things you need to worry about often.

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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