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The Xbox One is worth more than the PlayStation 4

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When Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox One the gaming community was shocked that they were going to enter the market at a higher price point than their main rival, the PlayStation 4.

But now that both consoles have been released it is starting to become obvious why that is.

According to the research firm IHS, who have given AllThingsD an exclusive look into the costing of the Xbox One, the Xbox One from Microsoft is worth a full $90 more than the PlayStation 4 when taking into account the costs of all the parts in the box.

So on a purely technological basis the Xbox One is the more valuable console, however we know that doesn’t mean much in the long run.

But let’s look at why it is worth more as there are some surprises.

First up the Kinect takes up a full $75 of that extra value so when comparing the actual boxes and only the boxes then the difference comes down to $15. Two thirds of that difference is down to the processor which appears to be more valuable in the Xbox One than the PlayStation 4 which I personally found to be quite surprising.

Sony grabs some glory back with it’s more powerful and expensive DDR5 RAM.

However what really blew me away was that the Xbox One controller is estimated to cost $15, that’s less than R150 for something we know will be sold for over R600. Talk about milking your profit right there.

The entire read up is quite interesting so click through to see that.


I love these images of the hardware, look how much detail goes into these things, the real question is though does the familiar saying “You get what you pay for” apply here or does the added Kinect nullify that?

Last Updated: November 27, 2013

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