The Xbox One UK price now dropped to £329

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The Xbox One was released in the UK last November for £429 and now 6 months later Microsoft has yet to announce any sort of official price drop while the console has steadily been dropping in retailer-mandated price.

The latest retailer cutting the price of the Xbox One is Overclockers who has dropped the price to an incredibly low £329 and that’s including a bundled copy of FIFA 14.

Unfortunately these guys don’t ship to South Africa but if you have a friend in the UK this may be the cheapest way to get yourself an Xbox One before September.

So does this new price cut indicate that Microsoft are dropping the price of the console for retailers while not revealing a consumer price cut to ensure they don’t alienate current owners? There is a lot of talk in the industry of Microsoft announcing some huge things at E3 this year and these random price cuts lead me to believe that one of two things are going to happen.

Either they are going to reveal a huge across the board price cut of around $120 which will easily jumpstart the slowing retail sales. It would put immense pressure on Sony to counter that price cut which will benefit everyone in the industry but will also cause more financial pressure on Sony who are only just now getting back into the money making business.

Or, and this is my expectation.

Microsoft are going to release a new version of the Xbox One which will still include the Kinect add on, a larger hard drive at a slightly reduced price that will match the price of the PlayStation 4. Sony won’t counter this as they still have momentum on their side.

Since we are only getting our Xbox Ones in September or October I predict we are going to be getting the new models which also explains why Microsoft are waiting so long to release to other countries even though they have stock of the current model.

Last Updated: April 25, 2014

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