The Xbox One will bring live game shows back

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What’s this, is this really some good news surrounding the Xbox One being posted on a gaming website? I think I’ve now seen it all. But in all honesty the Xbox One has not been a pleasant surprise for gamers but this is something I’m very excited about.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has told OXM that gamers can expect a return of the 1 vs 100 styled game shows with the new Xbox One… but unfortunately not at launch.

He has also said that Microsoft has learned a ton of new information when they ran the 1 vs 100 program

“a ton of learning around 1 vs.100, what does it mean to bring hundreds of thousands of people together in a virtual game environment and have them play with each other and give away real prizes”

I really loved 1 vs 100 and the idea of set game shows on the Xbox One and it’s cloud power is something that really does appeal to me. It’s not enough to make me forgive Microsoft for the lack of game swapping though, but if they repel that policy then I think they’ll see the tide change.

What is really awesome is that every Xbox One will be shipped with a 1080p Kinect camera and so there is no reason we can’t all become contestants in our very own Japanese Game Show

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Last Updated: May 23, 2013

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