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There are rumors Adrift

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Rumor has it that Sony has recently secured the exclusive rights to a little known action adventure game called “Adrift”. Apparently the game which has been in production for a couple of years will be released as a full Blu-ray title sometime in 2012. While most of the information surrounding the game is unconfirmed, it will allegedly be set in a near future gothic punk atmosphere, aimed at a slightly more mature audience.

Unfortunately while Dontnod entertainment’s Oskar Guilbert suggested that there would be an unveiling of the futuristic RPG at the 2009 GDC, it did not happen. Most of the specifics surrounding the game have been, and continue to be shrouded in Frenchie secrecy. Since my French is not quite as sharp as my Elvish, many of the rumors floating about will remain in a state of badly translated gossip, at least until an official announcement has been made (which should be soon).

What has been made apparent recently though, is that actor Tercelin Kirtley has updated his online CV which now besides “Heavy Rain”, also includes motion capture for “Adrift” as a character named Edge. Furthermore, a certain artist has joined the ranks of Dontnod’s endeavor, stating his position at the company on an online profile, and the following: ADRIFT (AAA Game) (PS3).

While very little is confirmed at this point, the fact that Sony has signed a co-production contract with Dontnod sounds promising. Not to mention that all accounts so far have suggested that Adrift will be a “AAA” title, placing it high up on the big budget to do list.
Whether or not the game delivers or even comes into fruition will surely be seen in due time, but for now it would seem as though Sony has a firm grasp on a title that is stirring up a decent amount of buzz.


Source: Systemlink

Last Updated: April 8, 2011

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