There is no Graphical Difference in PS3 Ghostbusters, There is Only Zuul

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If there’s one thing that PAL territory Xbox-360 owning Ghostbusters fans have been able laud over their PS3 addled brethren is that, despite the staggered release, the Xbox version is graphically superior. Oops..did I use present tense? I really ought to have gone for past, as that’s no longer true.

Developers Terminal Reality were sent to their rooms for being naughty children, and emerged with a patch that introduces graphical parity to the PS3. Also included in the patch are several single player and multiplayer fixes as well as a few freezing issues. The 59Mb patch is available as an automatic update and is said to also come with the ability to point and laugh and PAL Xbox owners who’ll only be able to play the game in October.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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