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There is still stock of the PS4 in South Africa

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Over the weekend news reports came out that the PlayStation 4 has completely sold out in South Africa but thankfully that isn’t actually correct. So if you are still looking for a PS4 for Christmas, and you really should be, then this is your lucky 30 minutes.

kalahari has just announced that they have 25 PlayStation 4 Killzone bundles available for purchase right now.

The bundle comes with Killzone: Shadow Fall which is the most beautiful next gen game along with 2 controllers and a camera for R7 999. It also includes Battlefield 4, making it an exclusive bundle. And a pretty sweet deal. 

The site currently says pre-order but we have confirmation from kalahari that they do in fact have 25 of these so place that order and be smiling all the way to Christmas.

We have also heard that Animeworx will be receiving their second batch on the 20th of December but if you really want one for Christmas I’d make a move now. These things are moving like hotcakes.

For those smart people who pre-ordered and have been jamming all the long weekend let us know if you think the console is worth it or not. Our own Geoff is pretty enamoured with it. 

 Here’s something a little more in- depth too.

And let’s also not forget that while we all have complaints against Ster Kinekor at one time or another we should remember that South Africa was not on the initial list of PlayStation 4 countries… so thanks a ton to the local distributors for making this happen.

Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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