There may be Easter PSN maintenance

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Schroedinger's Maintenance

Because our public holidays carry over, this coming Monday will be a day that doesn’t involve getting up early, the daily commute or hurriedly walking around the office with a stack of papers so it looks like you’re actually busy working. Instead, it’s a day to spend with family, or as the case may be, playing lots of video games. Just beware, PlayStation gamers; there may or may not be PSN maintenance on Monday.

The UK PlayStation community manager Chris Owen tweeted out that PSN was set for 12-hour long maintenance on Monday evening, though shortly afterwards removed the tweet. there’s been no clarification since, so there may or may not be maintenance on Monday.

The folks at SixthAxis grabbed the tweet for posterity. That’s 17:00 to 05:00 for us in SA while the UK is on BST.


As per usual, maintenance would mean you’d be locked out of account management, the PSN and just about everything else, but if you login before the servers go down, you’ll still be able to get your multiplayer kicks.

The update, ostensibly, is to ready the network for a swathe of new features to coincide with a rumoured PlayStation 4 update that set to improve sharing and streaming functions, allow friends list sorting  – and finally remove that HDCP block preventing us from capturing footage from our PlayStation 4 games. The next update though, probably still won’t include the rudimentary media playback functionality that was built in to the very first PlayStation; the ability to play Audio CD”s.

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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