There’s a glitch in Borderlands 2 that’ll make you less badass

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Those locals who shun digital distribution or play games on your Xbox are still probably waiting for you copies of Borderlands 2 , while the rest of the world has been fervently addicted to looting stuff in Pandora. Unfortunately, quite a few of those players have stumbled on a nasty glitch, resetting the game’s badass rank and its resultant rewards.

The Badass system tracks in-game challenges, and the more you complete, the more you can buff your character with little incremental stat upgrades. It’s a pretty neat system that binds itself to your profile, not a single character – s any new playthroughs start with those buffs in place.  Unfortunately for some, it’s been resetting – rendering those hours of ranking up futile. However, the challenges remain complete – preventing players from obtaining the rewards fro those challenges a second time. It’s a terrible thing, akin to cutting Samson’s hair, or shaving off Tom Selleck’s moustache.

Players on the game’s forums are reporting the glitch happening on every platform. Chris Faylor, Gearbox’ community manager has said on the forums that they’re looking in to fixing it. Players believe it to be some sort of save file corruption, and have offered potential workarounds to prevent it happening on 360 and on PS3.

Here it is in action, spotted by Kotaku:

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Last Updated: September 25, 2012

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