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There’s a new Sonic game coming!

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A room full of people excited for a new Sonic game

Please do try contain your excitement, but it seems that there’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming next year. The interesting thing here is that it’s apparently going to for the new consoles; the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

That’s according to an advert displayed by toy company Jazwares at a Nuremberg toy convention (via Sonic Stadium) The ad mentions the most recent Sonic catastrophe, Lost World along with word of the upcoming Sonic TV show.

What makes this announcement interesting is that last year, Nintendo announced a partnership with Sega to release three Sonic games exclusively for Nintendo’s systems, which was penned to "make Nintendo consoles the number one destination for Sonic gaming over the next three titles".

Why any platform holder would want Sonic games as an exclusive draw is beyond my reckoning, but I digress. The first game to be released under this agreement was the frankly awful Lost World. The second was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014. that means there should be one more exclusive Sonic game – but this latest one is headed to other consoles as well.

I had the misfortune of playing both of the new Sonic games, and I very much hated every minute of it. The last proper sonic game I actually enjoyed probably has to be Sonic Rush on the DS; it’s the last one that really felt like a Sonic game to me. It was all about raw speed.

Right then. who’s excited for a new Sonic game?

Chirp. chirp.

Last Updated: February 3, 2014

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