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There’s an Xbox System Update coming today

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When you turn on your Xbox 360 today after a long, hard day at the office, your online decimation of noobs might be briefly interrupted by a prompt asking you to update your console.

Exciting stuff, new updates. So what fantastic new features does this one bring?

Not a damned thing, I’m afraid. According to Xbox’s Major Nelson, today’s update adds  “no new features that will show up once your system has been updated.” “This update,” says the Major “is preparation for additional system enhancements coming to Xbox 360 later this year.”

One of those system enhancements, if rumours are anything to go by, could be Avatar Kinect – a virtual chat room that uses your Xbox Avatar that’s slated to become a new addition to Kinect Fun Labs, and could be available as early as next Wednesday, July 27th. there’s no word on exactly when the full system update – the one that adds extra storage space to the 360’s disc format – will go live, only that it’s expected in the Northern hemisphere’s “Fall.”

Sources: Major Nelson, Winrumours

Last Updated: July 19, 2011

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