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There’s just no pleasing Mass Effect fans; players petition for film grain

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Yo Dawg, I put a horrible film grain on your horror film about grain...

The first Mass Effect – at the time exclusive to the Xbox 360 – had an odd film grain, an overlay on the visuals that Bioware said was to make the game cinematic, though we really know it was there to cover up some poor textures. It was optional, and I turned it off pretty much immediately. It was present in Mass Effect 2 as well, but Bioware’s prowess with engine had progressed sufficiently that it was no longer necessary.

It’s wholly absent in Mass Effect 3 – and fans want it back.

“Not having the film grain effect has been nothing short of dissappointing, [sic]” user BPBadfish said on the BioWare Social Network. “I love Mass Effect,” he affirmed. “I’m a huge fan The plotline and characters are incredible. The balance of action and rpg elements is untouchable. The film grain effect though, it’s trademark. If you feel the way I do please just post VOTE. Hopefully BioWare will take notice.”

“If you let people mess with the volume sliders, or give them the option to limit their experience by opting to have dialogue chosen for them, then fine. More power to BioWare for giving players more choice in how they play,” agrees Mr. Mannlyman. “What I don’t get is the arbitrary removal of a graphical option, for all platforms, that’s been featured in previous games and whose use has actually enhanced the experience for many players.”

The poll hasn’t quite got the support of another Mass Effect 3 petition – but there are a surprising number of people who really, really care about film grain. I hated it in the first games, so it’s no loss to me – but what about you? do you miss the film grain?

Last Updated: March 13, 2012

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