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There’s a reason Crash Bandicoot feels more difficult, as fans have discovered

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Crash Bandicoot is actually slightly more difficult

Crash Bandicoot is the new Dark Souls. Or at least, that’s what some are reductively using to describe a level of difficulty that they don’t quite remember. Jumps feel a little off, distances seems different and dying seems to be a much more regular occurrence in Vicarious Vision’s lauded remake. Thing is, it doesn’t seem to be any of the above. But there’s certainly something different.

Some fans have been digging and digging to figure out just what it is, and there are some interesting theories. Vicarious Visions built the N.Sane Trilogy from the ground up, without any of the original source code to base it off of. As a result, some under the hood changes were made, and directly affect the way the world reacts to Crash himself. it seems that in the N.Sane trilogy his collider is less rectangular, and instead a capsule. Take a look.

As TastyCarcass explains on Reddit, this capsule is often the default collider in engines, especially if you’re looking like popular ones such as Unity. I understand why too. Capsules make movement on slopes far easier to manage with physics engines, and less likely to have your character clipping into geometry they aren’t meant to. But it does mean that landing on edges can result in some slipping movement, which could explain why you’re missing those clutch jumps more often than you remember.

This is in addition to some more subtle changes Vicarious have made to the animations. Crash’s jump and land loop seems to be a lot faster than in the original, which can mess with your two decades old muscle memory. It doesn’t sound like much, but just the slightest change has an impact on the sorts of reflexes you remember needing. That’s without even taking into account the sort of delay LCD screens have over the older CRTs you’re used to.

They all compound to create a Crash Bandicoot experience that might feel just slightly harder than you’re used to. But it’s still an excellent game that you should be picking up for some nostalgic fun.

Last Updated: July 4, 2017

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