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There’s so much drama over those cheap Witcher 3 download codes

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Anyway you slice it, it’s painfully obvious that gaming has become expensive these days. Hell, even PC games aren’t immune to this, with their platform of choice long having been the domain of new games at reasonable prices. Still, if it’s a game that you genuinely want, you’re going to drop that coin anyway. But PC gamers usually have the advantage of daily deals that shave dollars off of upcoming games. And CD Projekt RED isn’t too happy with one digital retailers massive discount on The Witcher 3.

Right now, Green Man Gaming is offering The Witcher at a pre-order price of $39, a helluva discount compared to the standard retail price of $60 for the game. That’s low. That’s crazy. Crazier than the specials at Barry Lipschitz motors, which now includes a service plan for a full year. CD Projekt RED agree that the price is crazy, and they’re absolutely befuddled at how Green Man Gaming got codes for the game. That also means that profits for the game will most likely be zero, something that CDPR isn’t happy about. Speaking to Gamespot, a CDPR representative said that the studio didn’t know where Green Man Gaming had acquired the codes, with CDPR asking fans on their forums not to purchase game codes from GMG.

I would kindly ask our fans not to buy via GMG at this time. We had not sold them Keys and don’t know the origin of them.

Green Man Gaming on the other hand, claim the keys are indeed legitimate, explaining to Gamespot that the keys were purchased from other sources after their own deal with CDPR struck out.

“Following a six-month dialogue with [CD Projekt RED] about the launch of The Witcher 3, we were disappointed that despite the offer of significant cash advances, and other opportunities to officially work together, CDPR chose not to engage with a number of significant, reputable, and successful retailers, including ourselves, as they instead focused on supporting their own platform GOG,” Green Man Gaming CEO Paul Sulyok said.

Sulyok explained that the GMG keys were acquired from retailers who had struck a deal with CDPR, so the developer would actually see returns on the game when it presumably sells gangbusters around May 19. I’m at a point where where CDPR has accrued so much goodwill with their gaming practices, that they’ve got enough good karma to eat a baby sandwich and get away with it. So the last thing I want to see, is the company get done over on the profits that they do deserve for the game. At the same time, I’m all too familiar with the human condition of having to sacrifice actual food for a month in order to own a hot new game.

Man, so much drama.

Last Updated: May 7, 2015

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