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There’s a Transformers strategy game in development…

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…For mobile devices of course. How do you people keep falling for this trap of mine? NEVER TRUST A SENTENCE THAT ENDS IN A TRIO OF PERIODS! Right anyway, on with the show. When it comes to action games, Transformers: Devastation is one of the very best slices of robotic homicidal war carnage that you can ask for. After all, a franchise built on gigantic robots who can instantly convert into inconspicuous sports cars and attack choppers is just begging for a few video game adaptations.


And we’ve actually had a handful of ‘em. In addition to Devastation, High Moon’s Cybertron series has also been an underrated pair of classics in the series, featuring those infamous robots in disguise. Action games are the perfect fit for the Transformers. But what about a strategy title? That’s the idea behind Transformers: Earth Wars, which pits the Autobots against the Decepticon faction as you build an army that is focused on securing Energon stockpiles.


“The Transformers franchise is like no other,” Backflip Studios CEO Julian Farrior said in a press release.

The story that has carried on through generations has drawn millions of fans who can’t wait for what’s next Working in conjunction with Hasbro, we’re bringing the Transformers franchise to life in one of the most popular game genres.

It looks alright then, for a mobile game. The real highlight for me of course, is that the game will include the voices of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, the original Optimus Prime and Megatron, with a script inspired by the Prime Wars trilogy. It’s also my dream to one day have surgery that makes me sound like Optimus Prime, instead of my usual vocals that are more reminiscent of a beeping Minicon.

Expect the usual in-app purchases when the Autobots roll out in the US spring on mobile devices.

Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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