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Thief will be massively customisable

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While I may be looking forward to 2014’s Thief, that enthusiasm hasn’t exactly been felt by long-time fans of the series. And for good reason, because in order to be as widespread as possible, the Thief formula will need to be watered down a tad to hit that mainstream appeal. But fans need not worry, because they’ll be able to transform their Thief game into the experience that they want to have.

In a community podcast, lead game designer Alexandre Breault revealed that Thief would ship with customisation options that allowed gamers to tailor the user interface and difficulty towards something more reminiscent of the older games.

Thief UI (1)

Players can take the entire interface out if they want, which includes health meters, prompts and maps. Players can also make those options fade away when they aren’t active, and mod the difficulty. The standard options will be in play, such as easy, medium and hard, but the game will allow for further tinkering.

Thief UI (2)

Autosaves, takedowns and reticules can be disabled, while the Ultimate Thief mod will have you outright fail a mission if you get caught/ kill someone. That option will go even further, disabling certain upgrades and forcing players to restart the entire game. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Mods on offer right now are:

Classic Thief Mods

  • Chapter Save Only: manual saves and checkpoint auto-saves are disabled.
  • No Focus: the use of Focus is completely disabled and no Focus Points are earned.
  • Stealth Takedowns Only: you cannot perform combat Takedowns and Takedowns from above.
  • No Reticle: no aiming reticle is displayed when drawing the bow.

Legendary Thief Mods

  • Specialty Arrows Only: only Blunt, Water, Fire and Rope Arrows are available.
  • No Resources: food (health) and poppy flowers (Focus) are not consumable.
  • It Hurts Not: if you take any damage, the mission is failed.
  • Expensive Tools: the cost of arrows, tools, food and poppies is greatly increased.
  • Slowed Movement: running and walking speeds are reduced.

Ultimate Thief Mods

  • Iron Man: if you die or fail a mission, you lose your game and must restart from the beginning.
  • No Upgrades: non-critical upgrades are disabled.
  • No Kills or Knockouts: if a human or animal is killed or stunned, the mission is failed.
  • No Alerts: if a human or animal detects you, the mission is failed.

I may not be a glutton for punishment, but this is one damn good way to make a game that can appeal to both mainstream and hardcore fans of the series. Plus it’ll make for some interesting return gameplay as well.

Last Updated: December 5, 2013

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