This could be Halo 5’s release date

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Selfies are dangerous business. It’s even worse if you’re a bit trigger happy on sending those pictures out into the world. You never know what could end up in the background. It’s always best to scan each and every pixel before putting something like that, with your face attached, onto the internet. Especially if you can possibly leak something important, like Halo 5’s release date.

A new 343 Industries employee should’ve take that advice.  Michael Cavanaugh just wanted to show everyone how excited he was to be part of the 343 Industries team, but a little countdown caught in his selfie could have just leaked some rather sensitive information.

See the red countdown click in the background? Well if you squint really hard you can make out the number 382. That’s pretty insignificant when you take it at face value – until you think about it in terms of days. Add 382 to today, and you get November 10, 2015. That sounds like a pretty accurate date for a Halo 5 launch, considering past Halo titles have traditionally dropped in the same month. It also happens to land on a Tuesday, which is the regular new release day for titles in the USA.

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It’s a massive long shot, but the placing of the date seems a little too perfect to be completely disregarded. If that’s a little too long of a wait for you, then The Master Chief Collection is the Halo fix you’ll need to keep you going for the next year. It’s all the previous Master Chief experiences in one, current-gen bundles, with all the extra p’s you could hope for.

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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