This couple fought their way through ninjas, Iron Man and Batman in order to be wed

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wedding battle of the ages

Times are changing, and with it age old traditions. Take weddings for example. The holy union of man and wife/man and man/woman and woman/man and that sexy hole in the wall is giving way to legal partnerships and unions. What a wedding needs in order to survive, is some magic. Which is what this union had bucket-loads of.

MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds designer Adam Bohn has had a wedding that no one will ever forget. Fighting his way through an armoured night, ninjas, Batman, Iron Man, irate bellhops and the legendary mouth of the south Jimmy Hart, Bohn just raised the bar.

Hoo boy, my eventual wedding to my left hand is going to need be all kinds of weirdly awesome if I want to top this fella.

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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