This Darth Vader figure is impressive…most impressive

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Best bad guy in movie history? Easy, Willem Dafoe in any role. But a close fourth to Dafoe, Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman would no doubt be Darth “Motherchokin’” Vader himself. And unlike those suckas, he’s just been immortalised in sixth-scale plastic. Booyah!

The Sith Lord comes with the usual assortment of spare hands and gear, because he’s totally like a cyborg, ya dig? Here’s what you get for your Republic Credits payment of $249 (R2500) according to the Sideshow website:

Newly Developed Fully Articulated Darth Vader body
Fabric body suit and cape
Detailed armor and gloves
Head with Helmet and Mask
Additional Anakin Skywalker Portrait
Detailed chest and belt boxes with light-up features
Ten (10) Gloved hands for various gestures
Lightsaber(s): Hilt Only and Hilt with Blade
Light-up figure display base with Imperial symbol
Additional Helmet and Mask accessories with light-up Meditation Chamber display base

Darth V (1)Darth V (2)Darth V (3)Darth V (4)Darth V (5)Darth V (6)Darth V (7)Darth V (8)Darth V (9)Darth V (10)

And yes, you can take that helmet off to reveal a complexion that is paler than Michael Jackson’s corpse. Pre-orders are open now, and the Jedi formerly known as Anakin Skywalker will begin shipping early next year.

Last Updated: June 5, 2013

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