This Dragon Ball Z movie is a Super Shoe-in for best of the year

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Fusion Ha

What do you do, when you’ve got a marketing budget, an upcoming westernised release of the latest Dragon Ball Z movie and have had a momentary lapse in judgement? Simple! You hire the guys at Mega 64 to make a tribute Dragon Ball Z movie for you! That actually happened, as Funimation presumably got drunk one night, and gave Mega64 a blank cheque. This is the end result.


Not even Shenron can erase this movie from existence. Still, at least it’s not that other Dragon Ball movie. No, not that one. That other, other official movie. Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods hits cinemas soonDragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods hits cinemas soon, in case you’re wondering why action heroes these days are lacking the ability to scream at the screen and shout out their attacks.

Last Updated: July 30, 2014

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