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New Dragon Ball Super movie officially in development

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To the relief of many anime fans who just cannot handle how news in the medium seems to be solely focused on a Japanese fusion of superheroes and Harry Potter (Why don’t y’all Plus Ultra my ass), here’s some officially good information! Dragon Ball Super has another movie on the way! And that’s about it, seriously.

I got the press email, and it said nothing else about when the film will be out, who Goku and anime’s best dad Vegeta will be screaming at, or Shenron finally telling the crew to piss off and stop summoning him every single year. What is known is that Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama, forever chained to the monster that he created, has worked on the story for this film while also adding a few new character designs to it.

The first Dragon Ball Super film (Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F are classified as Dragon Ball Z movies according to Toei) was released in 2018 and was pretty fantastic stuff. Giving Broly a new lease on life and making the legendary Super Saiyan a canon part of the Dragon Ball Super universe, that film also had some stellar animation and a literal reality-breaking main event fight that saw Broly go toe to toe with a Super Saiyan Blue version of Gogeta, the fusion of Goke and Vegeta. It had a big banger of a soundtrack as well.

Toriyama san

As for what direction the film will go in, I’m doubtful it’ll follow the current Dragon Ball Super manga storylines, which introduced the new villain Moro and is currently focused on a new storyline. One which features the last survivor of the Cerealian race, by the name of Granolah. I’m not making that last bit up, I promise.

On the video game side of things, there’s always money in the Dragon Ball banana stand. Dragon Ball: Kakarot has one last slice of DLC on the way that charts how Trunks became a Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball FighterZ has added a bunch of new characters to its roster, and Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 is still going strong.

Last Updated: May 10, 2021

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