This handcrafted Skyrim dagger has increased my jealousy perk to 100

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When it comes to dragon-slaying, there are some fantastic weapons lying around Skyrim, and while my favourite decapitator will always be my Daedric long-sword with dual fire and ice enchantments (Or the tepid water enchantment as that one sarcastic dragon called/shouted it), it’s just a pity that I’ll never see it in real life.

Well, not unless I grind my real life perk of creativity up to a 100 that is, much like what Bill Doran has done. The video game replica prop master recently cranked out another perfect masterpiece, and it has me praying to Mehrunes Dagon for one of his creations.


In fact, it also happens to be the dagger that the Oblivion end-boss gifts players with somewhere in the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment. Doran has crafted a PVC replica of the Daedric weapon of back-stabbing destruction, rendering the gorgeous evil of the blade in a manner that will get you through the metal detectors at the next comic book convention.


While it may not boast the instant pointy death ability of the digital original, it sure would look fantastic on my mantelpiece. Time to brush up on my grovelling perks for Mr Doran.

Last Updated: January 25, 2012

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