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This hideous gold-plated PS5 will cost you more than $10,000

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There’s a new console generation on the way, and it’s likely going to be a pricy one when it does land. For some of us, that means finding a way to justify spending money on video game technology instead of essential supplies like food, water, and toilet paper for our horrible bottoms. For others, the PS5 console will be less of a luxury and more of a quick acquisition because it must be nice to be loaded.

And then there are those people who scoff at the idea of buying a regular PlayStation 5. SCOFF TO THE MAX! Why flaunt your wealth and barge into conversations like the most annoying humble-bragging organism in existence, if you can’t truly prove that you have cash to flash? Well here’s a probably terrible investment for you to drop many thousands of coin on: A gold-plated PlayStation 5 console. Goldmember must be beside himself right now.

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London-based luxury retailer Truly Exquisite is taking pre-orders and the piss for its custom gold, platinum, rose gold PS5 consoles, which also comes with a matching headset and DualSense controller. The 24 carrot Karat PS5 is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face, and it has a price tag to match it: £8099 or $10,500 in US currency. In Rands, that works out to you don’t want to know. But I do because I’m morbidly curious. That’s just under R178,000 according to current exchange rate levels, which is enough cash to buy 6595 240g rolls of garlic bread. Game set and match.

It’s a godawful amount of cash to spend on a limited edition console, because anything draped in a shell of gold is uglier than Bigfoot’s hemorrhoids. On the plus side, Sony is mulling over the idea of introducing PS5 consoles in different colours, once the initial launch has rolled out. “We’ll talk about it at some point,” PlayStation’s head of worldwide marketing Eric Lempel said to Games Radar.

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It’s a hard enough job to get the unit that we showed out but we’ll talk about it at some point.

At least those consoles won’t be as hideous as the Xbox Series X Wonder Woman devices.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020

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