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This Iron Man suit will go to infinity and beyond

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As a fan of cosplay, the holy grail for me is to one day build an Iron Man costume. Of course, my plan to become a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist weapons designer who gets kidnapped by insurgents and forced to build one in a dingy cave is still in the early stages, but I’d settle for this figure of the Mark 39 suit worn by Tony Stark as well.

Interesting tidbit: This particular suit was designed by Stark after the events of the Avengers movie, where he flew a freakin’ nuclear missile into outer space so that he could destroy the Chitauri/Skrull armada. The Mark 7 suit that he wore wasn’t made for space travel, and naturally he tripped balls on that little excursion and almost died.

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Until a Hulk heart attack woke him up. The Starboost, or Mark 39, is designed for actual space exploration and low orbit combat and it just looks so damn cool. The Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys replica of this suit stands at sixth scale representation.

Or 30.5 CM tall to be exact, with some nifty LED lighting options built into that miniature arc reactor. As usual, this figure will be pricy, to the tune of $269 or R2959 minus shipping costs. Now if only my current Iron Man cosplay scheme could lead up to me making a full size version of this beauty.

Erm Johannesburg, you don’t mind me staging a massive alien invasion in which billions of Rands in property damage escalates into a massive battle starring myself and a local version of the Avengers, do you?

Last Updated: January 15, 2014

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