This is what Jona Lomu Rugby Challenge looks like in action

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With many South African gamers expressing disappointment at the released trailer for HB Studio’s Rugby World Cup 2011 game, it’s auspicious that we’ll be getting Jona Lomu Rugby Challenge – news of which we broke yesterday. Consider it a bit fortuitous then that today we get to show you the game’s first official gameplay trailer.

I don’t know my Rugby from my elbow but it looks like a rucking good time. Rugby fans are spoiled for choice for just about the first time in gaming history with not one but two new Rugby games; The Webb Ellis-centric Rugby World Cup 2011 and the somewhat more expansive Jona Lomu Rugby Challenge. RWC is the only way to official play as the Springboks is in Rugby World Cup 2011 – but both games have robust player editors to help you fill in the unlicenced gaps. Tell us what you think of the trailer, and let us know which Rugby game you plan on getting. Maybe you’re a big fan and you’re getting both? Tell us!

Last Updated: July 26, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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