This is what the official Xbox One headset looks like

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Here’s one aspect of video game consoles that are quite often overlooked: Added components. Most of the time, the effort is all in the device itself, with the rest of the work put in creating something decidedly cheap, leaving it up to third party manufacturers to fill that gap with their own product. But I’m kinda diggin’ the Xbox One online headset.


Yessirree, when you go next-gen, you also do it in style. Now when ten year olds claim to have intimate knowledge about your mom and her reproductive organs, at least the prepubescent screeching will come through a headset that has some class. The official headset keeps the design familiar, and is said to have a wideband voice codec to make random insults from a Scotsman during a game of COD more distinct.

It’s just a pity that the damn thing isn’t included with the Xbox One at retail, according to IGN. Still, it looks decent and shouldn’t cost nearly as much as a third party headset, headsets which the Xbox One will still support at launch if they happen to be Turtle Beach branded.

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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