This is your last chance to grab a deal off the Steam Monster Summer Sale

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I tried so hard not to, but at 7pm each and every single day over the past nine days or so, I found myself checking Steam for their latest Summer Sale specials. I can’t believe I ended up spending money – I was convinced I got everything I needed during their Winter version 6 months ago! How wrong I was. Thankfully, the difficult time is nearly over, meaning I can go back to my normal life. There is one last hurdle to overcome however – the encore sale – which has just about everything going far cheaper than it normally would.

If you’ve been holding out, I’m really sorry to subject you to the following. There are just too many damn good specials though, and I don’t think they should be missed! Here are some of my recommendations and highlights:

These are just a few of very many specials. Be sure to check all of them out – there may be something you want in there afterall!

The sale ends at 7pm tonight (South African time), meaning you have just a few short hours to find  your wallet and punch in your card details. I ended up buying 6 games (Fallout 3 + New Vegas, The Forest, Resident Evil 6, Risk of Rain, and Tales from the Borderlands) and they’re all sitting happily atop my backlog. I even impulse bought Ori and the Blind Forest. Seeing as I own it already, I had to give the spare copy to a friend. I ain’t even mad!

Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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