This isn’t a Dragon Ball Xenoverse review

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We’ll have a review for Dragon Ball Xenoverse out later this week, once I’ve invested a ridiculous amount of hours into every aspect of the game. If you can’t wait however, you will see other reviews pop up from other websites, but I sincerely doubt that those guys have a Cha-la-headchala ringtone like I do. I have pumped several hours into the game so far, so I might as well share some of that with you guys.

So the big question is, what’s it like so far? What I can say, is that I’m digging the combat. It’s not too far removed from the previous franchise game, Dragon Ball: Battle Of Z, but it does feel tighter overall. Challenging, but pretty damn solid and without any of the bloated controls that other Dragon Ball Z games such as Burst Limit and Ultimate Tenkaichi featured. If I had to sum the gameplay up quickly, I’d say that it’s Budokai Tenkaichi 3 meets the Dragon Ball Z Half-Life mod, Earth’s Special Forces.

The game is also mercifully set to the default English voice track, a dub that I just cannot stress enough over how superior it is to the original Japanese soundtrack. That, and I like not having my ears vomit blood, which happens to be a frequent side effect of listening to the Japanese voice-over cast. Anyway, here’s some gameplay footage that I put together of the game, showcasing a few fights, a mission and GIGANTIC GREAT APE VEGETA KISS THIS PLANET GOODBYE KAKAROT!

The game is out in the US of A from today. For us European territories, we’ll see it on shelves from Friday.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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