This Mad Max gameplay looks ripper

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Growing up, I loved the Mad Max movies. Mostly because I thought that they were documentary videos about Port Elizabeth. Which would also explain why a massive guy dressed in leather undies and a hockey mask was riding around telling people to leave the BP filling station. And now, PE The Video Game Mad Max has some gameplay to show off.

True, there’s not much gameplay on offer here, but compared to how certain other games release only slivers of new footage between reveal trailers “COUGH” GTA “COUGH”, at least it’s something.

Avalanche Studios is prepping the wasteland for the return of the Road Warrior, and seeing as how they made one of my favourite guilty pleasure games of this generation, Just Cause 2, my sandbox hopes are high.

mad max (1)mad max (2)mad max (3)

Plus, I’d really like you folks to visit Port Elizabeth at least once in your lifetime, even if it is a virtual tour. Now to tell Avalanche to make the game wetter, the save files more corrupt and throw in some more Tina Turner.

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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