This Mario-inspired dance is incredible

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Mario dance

Gamers of all kinds exist in all walks of life. While some might talk about it as a life style or a sub-culture, the reality is that people of all professions and ages love their games. The latest cross over is this gaming inspired dance from Dancing with the Stars, and it will blow you away.

For those without YouTube abilities, you can also watch it over here.

Obviously the musical mix is pure genius, but I absolutely adore the choreography. I wonder how they drew straws for who would be Luigi or Toad, but I finally understand how Princess Peach kept her crown on the whole game. Plus, the moment when they throw her at the block is one of my favorite things that I’ve seen on YouTube.

I really like these cross overs, and I love how the judges responded to the dance. It’s clear that they all played Mario back in the day, and the nostalgia that came pouring out was immense. Think that they are just snobby, uptight judges on a TV competition? Well, they’re also gamers, and therefore you all have something in common with them.

Could you watch the video without a giant smile on your face? Which was your favorite moment of the dance, or just the fact that it exists and grabbed perfect scores from the judges? I’d love to see more things like this – the universe of gaming has so much to offer, it would be great to see it used more in other artistic pursuits.

Last Updated: November 25, 2014

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