This part of the PlayStation 4 is always on

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In this connected, always on world that you’ll just have to deal with, there’s something else coming in the next generation of consoles that will always be on; the lightbar on the PlayStation 4’s controller.   

Sony’s confirmed via Twitter that you won’t be able to turn the glowing light on your Dualshock 4 off, not even to conserve battery power which is obviously a problem to the sort of people who like there to be problems where none really exist; like old ladies in post offices, console fanboys, executive committees, Verimark and a sub-section of particularly overzealous feminists.

No, instead you’ll have to be content to deal with that glowy bit of the controller being on, always. It’ll be used in some pretty interesting ways. In games like Killzone, it’ll let you know how much health you have, changing colours as it depletes without taking up that precious HUD space. It’ll also be used in conjunction with the optional camera accessory for motion control and the like.

Of course, there is actually a real problem that this creates; if you’re playing in a dimly lit room, it’s likely you’ll see a slight reflection of the glowing bar on your screen in particularly dark scenes – but it’s nothing a bit of tape won’t fix.

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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