This The Last of Us cosplay is clickertastic

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The Last of Us is shaping up pretty well according to audiences and critics, even if it does have Ellen Page beyond pissed off. One aspect in particular that is really proving to be a success though, are the creepy clicker enemies that populate the game. They’ve turned me off shrooms for life. And now, I can’t even look at ladies after witnessing this horrific cosplay.

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Thanks to the combined efforts of photographer Adrian , make-up artist Jon Wilks and model Emma Franks, a clicker has never looked more dangerous. Snapping up pictures at an abandoned nuthouse in ye olde England, the mask worn by Franks was made from polycell expanding foam polyfilla, costing around R400, while the body infe
ctions are a combination of wood, latex and body paint.

The sounds of terror on the other hand? That’s pure Zoe.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

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