This Witcher 3 Ciri cosplay is simply perfect

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Ciri (3)

Witcher fans are an especially dedicated lot. The fans among them however, who also cosplay as characters from that game? More dedicated than flies at a fish braai. There also seems to be a certain level of quality that each Witcher cosplayer strives for. Costumes more often than not, look like they were ripped straight out of the game, with some fans even having a selection of blades that could most likely fell a few supernatural beasties. Having the gear is only half the battle however. The other half is looking the part with it on. And this Ciri cosplayer checks all those boxes.

Gerald’s protege looks every bit the part. Seriously, Love-Squad looks like she’s one stray polygon away from being mistaken as the actual Ciri:

Ciri (6)

Ciri (2)

Ciri (4)

Ciri (5)

Simply amazing, and there’s a ton more great cosplay through the source link to her Deviant Art page. Now if only I looked that good when I dressed up as Yennefer.

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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