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Those Deus Ex: Human Revolution boss fights everyone hated? They were outsourced work

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution blew us away when it launched last month. Combining a mix of genre into a world of lush, renaissance influences made for a thrilling game, and the freedom to be a stealthy hacker, or a walking time-bomb of guns and self contained explosives was just what gamers asked for.

But if there was one sour note to this almost perfect symphony of choice and freedom, it was the unavoidable boss fights, which forced players into do or die situations. And now, Eidos Montreal has confirmed that they weren’t responsible for those sections in DX:HR, but had instead outsourced the work to another studio.

G.R.I.P Entertainment was tasked with designing the boss battles, and gamers weren’t too happy with these segments in the game. Even if it was an unavoidable obstacle, the boss fights could have been designed better, but instead relied on players having to save weapons during levels and spam attack their way past these bosses, who had especially high difficulty curves, resulting in numerous cheap deaths for the unprepared player.

Compared to the rest of the game, these battles felt unpolished and confusing, especially in the final sequence of the game, and the characters seem to lack the personalities that had been established earlier on in the cinematics, rendering them as nothing more than walking talks with occasional grunting for communication.

Dr. Paul A Kruszewski has appeared on a behind the scenes video, and tries to explain the approach that G.R.I.P took with boss fights, but its got to be one of the most unconvincing explanations ever made, despite G.R.I.P explaining that they worked closely with Eidos Montreal on these scenes. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Source: Gamecorner

Last Updated: September 19, 2011

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