Tim Schafer would love to make a Brutal Legend sequel

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Brutal Legend

I’ve got a shelf of games, that have gems on it that will never, ever be traded. Games that were so good, that I’ll still be playing them a couple of years from now and loving them just as much. One such game on my shelf? Brutal Legend. And I want a sequel to it. So does its creator Tim Schafer apparently.

Speaking to Gamespot, the Double Fine chief cheese explained that he’d be game to revisit the heavy metal world of Brutal Legend, and that his voice actor star and the Tenacious D frontman Jack Black would be keen to get in on as well. “I love that world and I would love to go back there,” Schafer said.

And I think Jack Black might be up for it, too. I would love to go back to that world or even just do a DLC pack. We’re always trying to get Lionwhyte in there; a playable Lionwhyte army. Maybe that would happen someday. I would definitely love to do that.

For those of you unaware of just who the hell Lionwhyte is, imagine everything that you hate about 1980s glam rock condensed into one character who flies around with his fabulous hair that leads the Hair Metal Militia. Yeah, the game was weird.

Brutal Legend wasn’t a game for everyone, but those players who stuck around will tell you that this was an experience that was like the ultimate love letter to rock and/or roll. The game looked like a Megadeth album cover, Jack Black was on top of his game as Eddie Riggs the roadie, There were guest voices as far as the ear could hear and the soundtrack would melt your face off.

The game never made back the cash that EA was hoping for, but it’s a cult hit today. And if Schafer ever decides to Kickstart a sequel, he can have all my money. Seriously, like all of it if he happens to have some cool tier rewards.


Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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