Time Crisis is reloading back into arcades

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Time Crisis 5 (2)

If there is one specific genre that arcades excel at, it’s the humble light-gun shooter. From feelin’ lucky in Lethal Enforcers, to saving the world with Aerosmith music and filling your hand in Mad Dog McCree, those  arcade units were simply the best at gobbling tokens in exchange for bullets. And the best out of all them? Time Crisis, the king of light gun shooters. And it’s finally headed back to arcades.

Bandai Namco is bringing back the cult classic franchise for a fifth go, the company revealed at a Japanese event this week (via Impress Game Watch). Time Crisis 5 will throw a spanner into the usual formula of duck and shoot action however, by adding foot pedals for left and right movement. Which means that players can now flank enemies and turn the tables on them for once. Time Crisis 5 will also be housed in a massive cabinet when it arrives.

Time Crisis 5 (4)

According to the report, the game will be rocking a pair of 55” monitors, while the standard gun controller will also allow for weapons to be cycled through. In addition to all that, if you happen to have a Bandai Namco Bana passport, you can save your progress in the game. Which is unheard of in Arcade games. Hell, I should know: The machines at my local arcade were modded to have players start on the hardest difficulty possible.

Time Crisis 5 (3)

It’s been a while since Time Crisis was last seen. Time Crisis 4 was a 2006 arcade game, with Time Crisis: Razing Storm compiling that fourth entry with some spin-off action in order to help sell the PS Move lollipop. It was actually a damn good game, but it still couldn’t compare to the arcade experience.

Time Crisis 5 (1)

And I have such fantastic memories of the first Time Crisis game. Juggling crackshots and ducking for cover while a crowd watched my ace aiming never got old, and I even saved up for a secondhand version on the PS One, which ate up even more of spare hours. Time Crisis 5 is out in March 2015. And once again, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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