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Tips and tricks for playing Wargroove

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For many of you, Wargroove scratches an itch that you’re more than familiar with. A spiritual successor to Advance Wars, Wargroove is a very particular stretch of strategy that incorporates tried and trusted tactical elements with a few simpler ideas. Simple doesn’t mean easy of course, and Wargroove’s cute facade actually hides a deceptively complex game beneath the surface.

So if you’re new to the formula or even in need of a refresher course, then we’ve got you covered!

Got cash? Spend it

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There’s no point in hoarding cash within Wargroove. This is a game where you need to constantly produce units, as you focus on increasing the numbers and odds to be more in your favour. Even if they’re mere run of the mill grunts, you need that troop presence on the battlefield, for one good reason…

Cannon fodder

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Yeah, don’t get attached to these guys. While Wargroove has a fair selection of exotic units, they’re pricy and they can be overwhelmed if they’re backed into a corner. Remember, your ground troops are there to soak up damage and divert the path of the opposition. They’re the rank and file who exist to be your shield against the enemy, while you position more valuable and powerful units behind them and ready a counterattack. It’s weird when you think that Zapp Brannigan’s idea of outlasting enemy ammunition actually has some merit in Wargroove.

Don’t make their sacrifices be in vain.

Mix it up!

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Remember, no single unit is the key to victory in Wargroove. Spamming a single type of infantry or artillery opens your army up to an attack by units that specialise in disrupting their abilities. Much like any other strategy game worth its salt, the best armies have a mix of units. Soldiers to hold the frontline, knights to reinforce and rangers to take advantage of the blockade to help whittle the opposing side down as you move your soldiers in for the kill.

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You’re also going to want to keep a few shamans on hand, not only for their blistering anti-air attack, but also for a handy healing ability that can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Every unit has a part to play, with the sum of their parts creating a fearsome force.

Sometimes defense is better than offense

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There’s a quid pro quo setup to Wargroove: When you attack with a squad, you risk having the fighting ability of that troop diminished. When you’re fielding a full-power squad against another, you can easily lose 30-40% of your unit’s power in that initial charge. Between higher and lower showdowns, that risk can be either higher or lower.

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So what do you do with a unit that is hurting and can be knocked out in a single attack? Believe it or not, they’re still incredibly useful, as one-shot barriers between you and the enemy. A sacrifice that can be moved around the map, that last stand that a damaged unit can provide has the potential to create a gap that will assist you in the long run.

Don’t turtle

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If you think Wargroove is the kind of game where you can sit back and pump out a few units before sending one large force into battle, then you’re sadly mistaken. Wargroove favours the bold, as the entire core of the game revolves around a tug of war on any given map. The more territory you take control of, the more opportunities you get to establish your beachhead and keep it constantly reinforced, taking the map block by bloody block as you proceed to demolish an enemy stronghold.

See a building? Take it!

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Tying into the point above, one of your key focus points in Wargroove should be on building acquisition. Not only do you get an extra boost in resources, but also a temporary bastion that can fight back against invaders. Buildings once captured, are essentially immobile units that require some unit sacrifice to take over.

More than that, you can’t park a unit on top of them to halt their revenue production, whereas actually having a few of these buildings means that you can reinforce your units towards higher health thresholds if you have the cash. This goes double for troop production buildings as well, as their capture is essential for creating supply lines that can make or break a map for you.

Don’t be afraid to use your Heroes

While they’re not indestructible, heroes in Wargroove are still more than capable of delivering tremendous damage to the opposition. While a foolhardy charge of the light brigade can kill a game for you should said hero fall, when used correctly these battlefield leaders are forces to be reckoned with. They can be the deciding factor in breaking a deadlock, a battering ram that can soak up punishment and augment your troops with their titular Wargrooves.

Using each of these Wargrooves correctly in unison with your army is the key to victory. Ragna’s shield bash can decimate enemy troop health, Mercia can give your army a second shot in the arm and Valder is capable of spamming the battlefield with minions that can block off routes. Finding the right hero, strategy and path is all up to you.

And that’s some quick strategy for you! Wargroove is out right now on a bunch of platforms, just waiting for you to put your tactics to the test

Last Updated: February 1, 2019

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