Tonight we dine on Team Fortress 2 corpses

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It’s the second bi-weekly Lazygamer community gaming night and once again the wonderful team over at has mucked it up royally. Zoe apparently has friends or some pathetic excuse, Geoff thinks his kids school thing is more important and I have a gaming event that I have to show face at.

Darryn is trying to get the game but knowing his technical competence he may end up hacking into the NSA instead.

So yeah sorry guys but don’t worry we have used our super skills to ensure this game still happens and I am really hoping to join in a little later.

Our deputised Community Manager for the evening is Chief Admiral Erwin the 3rd or whatever he is calling himself this morning.

Now in an attempt to ensure everyone gets into the game we have changed the schedule slightly. The game itself is planning to kick off at 8pm sharp but we need you to join our Lazygamer group chat on steam at 7:30 so we can get numbers and tell you what server to setup in.

You have to be part of the Lazygamer group so do that now and then add Erwin as your friend.

Let’s see how this works out and if you have any comments on how we can do this better please let us know. We’re all learning here and don’t want anyone to feel left out.

That’s it now place nice and remember.. 19:30 get in the chat and be friendly.. 20:00 stop being friendly and unleash hell. Oh and invite your friends, the more the merrier.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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