Tony Hawk Defends Ride – Why is this news?

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Apparently Tony Hawk defending his own game on Twitter is cause for half the gaming sites on the planet to rejoice that they have found a news story… possibly it’s because the news is so hard to find at the moment or just simply that we get to pretend to be a part of a real sportsman’s life?

Overnight Tony tweeted

“Most snarky critics had their minds set before ever seeing/playing the game. I’m proud of what we created; it’s innovative, responsive & fun” (Twitter)

Now while I don’t find it to be a surprise that he is defending a game that carries his name I do think it shows that he didn’t follow the hype about the game before it was released.

I was really looking forward to this game and virtually all the news reports and stories I read about it in the lead up were optimistic about it’s chances. Granted no one wanted to pay another R1000 for a peripheral but that is the way of the world at the moment and we just have to live with it.

Unfortunately though by all accounts the game itself is pretty poor and is my nomination for fail whale of the year, mainly because we all wanted it to work I think.

I have the utmost respect for Tony Hawks as a businessman and sportsman but he is way off the mark on this one, gamers wanted this to be awesome. It just isn’t.

Last Updated: December 8, 2009

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