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Too early to talk of next gen, says Sony

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There’s been an increase in chatter about the next-generation console from Sony, most recently exacerbated by talks of specs. Sony wants you to stop talking about it, saying it’s too early to speak of next gen.

In an interview with French-site Lemonde, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that it’s too early to talk of next generation just yet, because services are capable of prolonging the lifespan of console beyond the capabilities of just hardware.

When asked if the release of the Wii U heralded the coming of the next generation, Yoshida replied (With thanks Google Translate for the dodgy translation):

“Not necessarily. Since the launch of the PlayStation 3, six years ago, the graphics have evolved, resulting in titles like adventure game Uncharted 3 and Beyond by Quantic Dream.”

“The life of consoles is also extended by services online,” Yoshida added, “which continue to make a new offer cloud and new social functions. It is therefore too early to talk about the end of this generation of consoles.”

I think what that means is he’d really, really like it if people kept on buying PlayStation 3’s, thankyourverymuch. The current HD consoles have been out for 6 years, which is an incredibly long time when it comes to consoles.

With PC having long ago leapfrogged consoles to deliver better visuals at higher frame rates and resolutions, isn’t it time we started talking of next gen?

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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